Europe has long been a classic destination for study abroad students.Eurpe covers higher education in 33 European countries.Each country has its own individual higher education system-but all are part of the EUROPEAN HIGHER EDUCATION AREA(EHEA).

There are 100,000s of scholarships and financial support schemes available across Europe for international students who wish to study here.

Following are few universities/colleges to persue your courses.


. The Technical University of Munich has four locations in Germany. Die Department of Mathematics is located on the natural science and technical campus in Garching.

edinburgh1 (3)

The University of Edinburgh, founded in 1582, is the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland's ancient universities. The university has five main campuses in the city of Edinburgh,


The University of Copenhagen is the oldest university and research institution in Denmark. Founded in 1479 as a studium generale, it is the second oldest institution for higher education in Scandinavia after Uppsala University.